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Singing Waters Ranch, LLC

Producer of Superior Livestock

Micro, Mini, Mid-Sized, AHCA Highlands, Highparks, and Crosses. 

Welcome to Singing Waters Ranch, LLC


About SWR

Singing Waters Ranch is a 75 acre ranch located in the beautiful Midwest. Owned and operated by myself- Chelse, along with the help of some of the best farmhands around- my husband Donald, and three children, Caden, Brinley, and Sawyer.   

While I have spent the past 17 years of my life in healthcare as a Master's prepared RN, I have had a long love for animals and the establishment of SWR in 2017 was a dream come true.​

I currently still work as an RN in the OR and Med/Surg units, am a board member of our church, run the farm, and I am very active in my childrens' lives. I do well at  keeping myself busy. That is why I keep small herds and I spare no cost for the health of my animals.  My focus has been on quality - not only in my livestock, but also in the experience of the purchaser. 

Although I have spent time with dairy and beef cattle through my life, my true love for cattle began with a Holstien/Angus bottle calf named Daisy. I raised her from a baby and of course, fell in love with her. She continues to live on the ranch and is the "Queen of the Farm".  After Daisy, I immediately wanted more cattle. It wasn't long before I discovered these mini, fluffy cows! 

I have also recently been introduced to Valais Blacknose Sheep!  If you didn't know, they are the cutest sheep in the world! I currently have a small flock and am hoping to grow in the future. 

I look forward to sharing my small, carefully selected herds with you!

Commitment to Excellence

Purchasing cattle, or anything for that matter, should be a positive experience. Those who purchase from SWR can expect honest communication regarding the animals of interest, integrity in all aspects of my selling processes, and a commitment to provide the best purchasing experience with SWR.


We want to hear from you!

Let us know what you are looking for or simply provide your information for our mailing list. Those on our mailing list will receive information on availability before they are listed!

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