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Pia is our beautiful, golden girl! She is our yellow, purebred highland girl. She is absolutely beautiful and has the prettiest silver/gray  eyes to compliment her golden locks. 


Angelica "Angie"

Angelica is the sweetest ball of fluff. She has the thickest hair, even in summer. She is 39.5 inches at 3.5 years old, non-chondro. She has the sweetest demeanor, loves to be brushed and cuddle. The absolute definition of a pasture puppy.



Elsa is our adorable highpark girl. At 3.5 years old, she is non-chondro and one of our smallest girls. She loves to be brushed and is best friends with Angie, but when she is in a mood, she will let you know!



Olive is a mini hereford with unique brindle markings in her coat. She is a farm favorite, an excellent mother, and always come running for a rub down.


Blackberry Brandy "Brandy"

Brandy is a stunning, thicn coated, jet black, pure highland. She is 3 years old and one of the shortest ladies on the farm. She is  non-chondro. She has an amazing sweet, calm demeanor to her.



What a stunning, silver girl! RumChata is just over 3 years old.  She has thick, beautiful hair coverage and a nice wide nose. She can be shy, but is very curious and gentle and oves treats.



Meet Aspen.  She is one of  my husband's favorite. She is a belted galloway/ highland crossbreed. I immediately thought this girl had so much potential to make some unique babies when I saw her.  She is one extremely tiny lady!

Screenshot_20231014_225910_Photoshop Express.jpg


Ginger is a miniature hereford we have had for a while. She is very calm, gentle cow, but also is one of the bosses of the pasture. She doesn't share well!

Screenshot_20231014_225629_Photoshop Express.jpg


I am absolutely in love with this girl! Karma is one I love to see out in the pasture. Karma has a stunny, bright white color and some extremely beautifyl horns. She is one of our taller girls, but still only falls in the small midsize categrory!



Blanton has a very pale, yellow coat, that thick hair, and blocky head I love. This girl is short and stout. I am so excited to have her in our herd. 



Mimosa ... can we say gorgeous?!  This girl has incredible hair and a calm curious demeanor, loves to be scratched... does it get any better! She will be small midsize. 


Viola (Granny)

Viola has some impressive handle-bar horns to pair with her brindle hair. Viola is 10 years old, a wonderful momma, and a calm presence in the pasture, and quite short! 


Clara (Crooked Horn Clara)

"Crooked Horn"Clara has that black hair I love. Clara is about 10 years old. She is another oldy but a goodie highland cow. She is a wonderful momma to her calves



Wheler has a little bit of frosting on her head and tail that I am hoping she will pass to her offspring! Wheler is one of our taller girls, but still falls in the small midsized category. She wears that dossan perfectly, has a great deep body, and sure looks pretty in the pasture.


Bailey is just a shy little dun! She is due with her first calf and I am excited to see how it turns out. She is a very curious little one! 



Reba is a another red head! She is short and stocky, just how I like them! Reba is another one of our shorter ladies! She has the sweetest face! 



This girl is so pretty! She is a beatiful red with gorgeous hair. She is currenlty in with Moonshing and were are hoping to expect her first calf soon!

Screenshot_20240218_092411_Photoshop Express.jpg


Jewels is one of my favorites! She is absolutly stunning with that curly dossan! She has an incredible short, wide frame. I am so proud to have this girl in our pasture. 



I really love these pale yellow girls! Martini looks like she could be a light yellow brindle. She is a vert short little lady with a nice, deep body. She is 5 years old and has a lot to offer the herd. 



This girl is breath taking! She is a beautiful yellow highland with some frosting. She is going to be 5 years old. She has a perfect head, short blocky frame, and perfect hair coverage. She is amazing. 



Kahlua is a young heifer we decided to retain. She is a rich dark chocolate dun covered with frosting.  I am a big fan of frosting!  

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