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Singing Waters Ranch Cattle Pricing

Prices will vary depending on hair color, hair coverage, genetics, expected size, sex, and chondro status. We certainly want everyone to have the opportunity to add a SWR animal to their family, so we try to keep pricing within market range, while also considering the quality of our animals. Here are general pricing guidelines we follow. This is a guide, not set in stone. We will have some crosses that may fall under these general pricing guidelines. 

Micro Heifer               $8000+

Mini/ Midsize Heifer   $6500+

Micro Steer                $3000 +

Mini/Midsize Steer     $2200+

Mini/Midsize Bull       $3000+

Micro Bull- Contact for Pricing   

A 25% deposit in addition to a cattle purchase agreement will be required to hold cattle. 

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